Governor Hutchinson Launches Vote for Roads. Vote for Issue 1.

Better roads, a stronger economy, and a safer Arkansas—without raising taxes


November 15, 2019

LITTLE ROCK – At a news conference this morning in Little Rock, Governor Asa Hutchinson officially kicked off Arkansas’s “Vote for Roads. Vote for Issue 1.” campaign to continue funding for Arkansas highways, roads, and bridges at no additional cost to taxpayers.

The Governor was joined by groups from all four corners of the state, including mayors, county judges, small-business owners, and industry groups from the Trucking Association to the State Chamber to representatives of the agriculture community.

“A vote for Issue 1 means better roads, a stronger economy, and a safer Arkansas—without raising taxes,” said Governor Hutchinson. “It will benefit every resident and every small business that calls Arkansas home, and I am delighted to lead this effort.”

Passage of Issue 1 will continue to provide more than $205 million a year of significant funding to maintain, improve, and construct nearly 7,000 miles of interstate and highway miles and repair and replace dangerous bridges throughout the state—all without raising taxes.

If Issue 1 succeeds, cities and counties will continue to receive $43 million annually, again, without any new tax on Arkansas residents. (Without this continuation of funding, cities and counties will lose millions from their budgets each year.)

Finally, a vote for Issue 1 will support thousands of jobs each year and provide more than $8.2 billion in economic activity over the next decade.

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